What's up with this unicorn thing?

Lorenzo Sinisi bio photo By Lorenzo Sinisi Comment

I have been asked multiple times why I like unicorns and why I use them so much in my social media.

For instance, according to Tinder, my top picture is: My unicorn

So I want to explain a tiny bit why that. How that is even a thing?

First time called unicorn

The first time somebody told me I was a unicorn was in 2014 in my first job as software developer. A collegue of mine called me ‘unicorn’ after discovering that I was an a developer with sense of design. People like that are rare and so unicorns.

I liked the idea and I got carried away. Thinking about it I figured that this love for a ‘non existing’ creature was actually really healty and nice. Helps me to set free my mind and always question reality, don’t get anything for granted, stay young and positive.


Plus the colors. The unicorns are creature very colorful and this means joy for me.

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